Chemistry, nanotechnology, catalysis and chemical engineering
About Astrea Materials


Astrea Materials is focused on developing advanced materials for airborne pollutant abatement. Our products are based on advanced materials developed through combination of scientific and technological skills in the fields of chemistry, nanotechnology, catalysis and chemical engineering. Astrea Materials’ patented technology offers a worldwide unique catalyst capable of removing toxic contaminants at room temperature and in the presence of humidity.

The rationale behind this project and the creation of Astrea Materials in 2016 is the development of a nanotechnology gold-based catalyst capable of removing CO and other pollutants at room temperature in the presence of humidity. This is the result of fundamental research in the field of nanotechnology and gold-based catalysts over the last 15 years. The whole nanoparticle design has been optimised from the synthetic route, the choice of the support physico - chemical properties and the effect of post-synthesis treatments to achieve this unprecedented stability in presence of humidity.

Astrea Materials has the mission and vision of becoming a leading company in the field of catalytic air purification products. The versatility of the technology allows its use in multiple applications. We create opportunities for success and reliable partnership with our costumers by producing tailor made products for each specific application under strict confidentiality condition.