The science and technology
of air purification
Astrea Materials
Advanced Materials
for Air Pollution Control
Astrea Materials

Astrea Materials

Astrea Materials is focused on developing advanced materials for airborne pollutant abatement. Our products are based on advanced materials developed through combination of scientific and technological skills in the fields of chemistry, nanotechnology, catalysis and chemical engineering. Astrea Materials’ patented technology offers a worldwide unique catalyst capable of removing toxic contaminants at room temperature and in the presence of humidity.

Nanotechnology catalysts for pollutant removal:
- Gold nanoparticle based catalyst
- Room temperature pollutant abatement
- Unprecedented stability against humidity
- Temperature stability up to 700 ºC
- Oxidation of CO and VOCs
- Tailor made formulations and product presentation
- Patent protected
Use Cases
A wide range of solutions
Astrea Materials' catalyst technology can assist in preserving air quality in closed environments such as emergency rooms, submarines, airplanes or diving chambers. Our air purification technology based in gold nanoparticles is capable of removing carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) simultaneously at room temperature in presence of humidity. Our product can be easily integrated into existing technologies such as HEPA filters or catalytic burners.
Currently, the industry uses hopcalite for CO removal at room temperaure. However, hopcalite deactivates rapidly in presence of humidity and therefore requires a previous desiccant stage. This additional stage results in a heavier and bulkier system. With ASTREA ́s catalyst, the weight can be reduced dramatically and at the same time increase the duration of the protection from tenths of minutes to hours.
The adverse effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for human health are well known. These have been reported to be toxic and long exposure is potentially teratogen. For this reason, the air purification of indoor environments from VOCs is a major social concern, which remains largely unsolved.
Astrea Materials presents a revolutionary product based in gold catalyst for the elimination of many VOCs such as formaldehyde or toluene in flow conditions at domestic levels. Importantly, our technology does not produce noxious byproducts but converts these VOCs to carbon dioxide and water.